The unique utility of the ICHI token is to give access to all features within ICHIGAI application for ICHI holders. Access will be provided to all users holding at least 5,000 ICHI in their wallet, excluding transferable ICHI. The required amount is updated regularly depending on ICHI current price.


  • Main CBRC-20 metrics
  • Tokens list, prices, market-cap and volumes
  • Tokens details, H4 chart, ATH, ATL, last listings and sales
  • Address Explorer, Token holdings and repartition


All classic features +

  • All charts Resolutions enabled.
  • Holders list, distribution and growth evolution per token.
  • Xmails/Transfers history for any address in Xplore/Portfolio section.
  • Buys/Sales history with Totals for any address in Xplore/Portfolio section.
  • Multiple wallets following (Complex portfolio view).



Hex checksum : 69636869



21 000 000



8 000 000


6 000 000


2 000 000


2 000 000


3 000 000



Public sale

/8 000 000 left


Started 15/02/24 at 7:30 UTC

Capped selling price around 0.008$ (will slightly fluctuate depending on BTC price).

Up to half of the raised funds will be used to buy missing BORD / MOTO tokens to fill the upcoming ICHI/MOTO and ICHI/BORD LPs on MOTOSWAP. Funds will be transfered on the LP dedicated wallet and related transactions will be made public.


Special Reserve

/2 000 000 left


Swapped at an advantageous rate until exhaustion. Rate will be announced daily on Telegram.

Up to half of the raised MOTO/BORD will be dedicated to fill the upcoming ICHI/MOTO and ICHI/BORD LPs on MOTOSWAP. Funds will be transfered on the LP dedicated wallet and related transactions will be made public.


Airdrop reserve

/2 000 000 left


1 000 000 dedicated for X various Airdrops

1 000 000 will be redistributed to CBRC-20 holders to promote and foster use of the ecosytem. Precise modalities TBA


Upcoming LPs reserve

Will be deployed in ICHI/MOTO and BORD/ICHI liquidity pools, and should subsequently be locked for 144,000 blocks. To accommodate a larger liquidity pool size, a portion of this reserve could be exchanged over-the-counter for MOTO to facilitate the expansion of the original ICHI-containing liquidity pools. Any unused tokens from this reserve could be utilized to establish another liquidity pool with any trending token at the time of MOTOSWAP Launch, with any leftovers being burned following the initialization of the main liquidity pools.



Participating in token launches or similar projects carries very significant, and sometimes unpredictable, risks. Potential participants should pay close attention to the following:

Lack of Regulation, Risks Associated with Project Documentation
Without regulations in place, your primary source of information is typically the marketing materials or white paper outlining the project. Currently, these documents aren't held to any legal standards. They may have omissions, inaccuracies, or present details and projections in an incomplete or overly favorable light. This might include obscuring the identities of the legally responsible parties or appropriate jurisdiction should issues arise.

Risks of Loss
There are no guarantees associated with your contributions to token launches. This type of participation implies a significant risk of losing what you contribute. Project documentation may fail to disclose the financial risks involved.

Volatility and Unpredictability
The value of tokens, similar to cryptocurrencies, can be extremely unstable and experience large, unexpected fluctuations. The platforms where these tokens might be exchanged likely don't have the same safeguards as traditional financial markets. It's entirely possible that no secondary market will exist for the tokens, preventing you from selling them entirely or leaving you with undesirable sale conditions..

Risks Associated with Early-Stage Projects
Token launches primarily fund projects in their earliest phases, sometimes even before their purpose is finalized. Project business plans may lack independent third-party review or verification. Even if a plan exists, it often relies on assumptions and projections that could be overly optimistic or inaccurate. Importantly, there's no guarantee of successful completion of the project or the realization of its intended goals.

Understanding the ICHI Token's Utility
The ICHI token is promoted as a utility token primarily designed to allow access to features within the ICHIGAI application. Be aware that access is reportedly contingent on holding a minimum of 5,000 ICHI in your wallet (with restrictions on transferable ICHI). However, this advertised utility does not remove or reduce the other significant risks outlined in this disclaimer. The success and longevity of the ICHIGAI application are uncertain, and this could directly impact the token's perceived value and usefulness.

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